Chalcedony Stone and Gold Overlay Bracelet

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The Chalcedony is a powerful healing stone, is calming and speaks of spirit and trust.  It brings the mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony.

*Gold Overlay is produced by applying an average of 20 to 30 mils of 24kt gold onto the surface of a high quality brass base and is made with an advanced acid gold Electro-Depositing process.  It has on average 5-7 times the thickness of most costume jewelry. Acid gold is a harder gold plating formula that was pioneered by the electronics industry which produces a durable finish. Unlike basic decorative gold electroplated jewelry, jewelry that is finished with an acid gold application has excellent long term wearing qualities.



The color of this Natural Chalcedony stone (5/8″) is an Icy Blue.  It is bezel set in 24K gold overlay, and the bracelet is gold overlay chain.    Overall length is 6 1/4″ long and can be made longer.




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