Amasor Jewelry

About us

I never expected that working in my mother’s fabric store would provide me with a foundation for designing jewelry. As a young adult, I helped customers select cotton fabrics for quilts, fashion fabrics for sewing garments, decorating fabrics, imported trims and fancy buttons. I loved working with textiles then in much the same way I love working with beads now.

For much of my younger life, dancing defined who I was. No longer able to dance due to physical issues, it took me a long time before I found a passion that could fill my soul as dancing used to. So often, it was the music that inspired me to dance, and now I dance at night in my dreams. During the day, my creativity flows through me and the beads assume their own rhythms as they are combined into unique pieces of jewelry.

I am not sure how to describe what makes my jewelry so different. I do not have just one style because I love everything from sapphires to seed beads to pearls to ethnic beads, thus I design jewelry that is from ethnic to elegant to everyday. I make all the pieces myself and my work is meticulous and crafted with great consciousness as to color, weight, and balance. I search for unique quality beads, stones and findings and this collection is the palette from which I draw when designing my pieces.