Gold necklaces

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Amasor Jewelry

A Golden Quarter Moon

Amasor Jewelry

It’s Very Clear

A woman wearing a necklace and earrings.

Positivity in Colors

A purple flower and a necklace on a white background

Hand Painted Dragonfly

A gold bead necklace on a white lace background

Round Swarovski Pearl Necklace

A gold chain with brown beads on top of lace.

Gold Necklace with Brown Pearls

A gold necklace with a pearl in the middle of it.

Blister Pearl Pendant Necklace

A woman in white shirt smiling for the camera.

Pearls and Peach CZ Necklace

A necklace with red and black beads on it

Red and Black

A white vase with some brown beads on it

Paper Bead Necklace

A gold chain with pearls on it

Pearl and Crystal Gold Necklace

A woman wearing a white dress and holding her hand in the pocket of her shirt.

Long Gold Necklace with Semi-precious Stones

A long necklace with red and blue beads

Carnelian and Garnet Necklace

Amasor Jewelry

Black and Gold Long Necklace

A woman wearing a white shirt and necklace.

Colored Spinel Necklace #2

A white vase with a red and black necklace on it

Semi-Precious Stone Short Necklace

A white vase with branches in it

Coral and Gold Necklace