Carved Yellow Jade Pendant Necklace

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Yellow Jade is one of the rarest kinds of Jades, with colors being as light as lemon.  It can also exhibit a dark golden color. It can usually be found in Myanmar, Guatemala, Japan, and in some parts of the USA, including California and Alaska.

24 KT GOLD OVERLAY JEWELRY from Goddess of the Realm 

is produced by applying an average of 20 to 30 mils of 24kt gold onto the surface of our high quality brass based chain, Unlike basic decorative (cyanide) gold electroplated costume jewelry, Gold Overlay jewelry may be worn all the time. It has on average 5-7 times the thickness of most costume jewelry. Acid gold is a harder gold plating formula that was pioneered by the electronics industry which produces a durable finish. Unlike basic decorative gold electroplated jewelry, jewelry that is finished with an acid gold application has excellent long term wearing qualities.


A carved round Yellow Jade bead (30mm) in yellow/amber tones and tassels create a 4″ pendant.  Colors of round resin beads (10mm – 12mm) set in bead caps match those in the pendant.  The wire wrapped necklace is 30″ plus the pendant.  This is one of a kind.


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