Bold Hill Tribe Silver Necklace

$385.00 Price excludes tax.

Hill Tribe or Thai silver, hand-crafted by the Karen Hill Tribes of Thailand is rolled and hammered with primitive tools so the size and shape of the pieces may vary slightly from piece to piece.
The Karen tribe is the largest of around twenty hill tribes whose total population today numbers more than seven million across The Union of Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand.


Make a statement with this unique Thai silver necklace.  It is 18″ long with a 2″ Sterling Silver extender and weighs 66 grams (same as 2.4 ounces).  It is 5mm thick and 5/16″ wide at the top, 10mm thick on the bottom and 5/8″ wide.  Hill Tribe silver is 99% silver and does not tarnish as much as sterling silver.  Worth its weight in silver!


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