Classic Gold Earrings

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Classic Gold Earrings you can wear every day and for those special occasions.


A classic design that always draws a compliment, I wear these daytime and evening.  The overall length is about 2″.  A 4mm Swarovski with 24 karat gold over a clear crystal hangs from the 14mm (5/8″) ring and 10mm filigree ball from Goddess*. This is one of the first designs I created and one of my most popular.

*The components are Gold Overlay made with an advanced acid gold Electro-Depositing process and may be worn all the time (except in the shower). It has on average 5-7 times the thickness of most costume jewelry. Acid gold is a harder gold plating formula that was pioneered by the electronics industry which produces a durable finish. Unlike basic decorative gold electroplated jewelry, gold-overlay is finished with an acid gold application that has excellent long term wearing qualities.






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