Black and White and Silver Necklace

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Chevron beads are special glass beads, the first ones were created by glass bead makers in Venice and Murano, Italy toward the end of the 14th century.  Venetian chevron beads have been traded throughout the world, most heavily in West Africa where they were first introduced by Dutch merchants in the late 15th century.  Chevron beads are very popular collectors’ items and they are still highly valued in present-day West Africa, where they continue to be worn for prestige and ceremonial purposes.


A new African Chevron trading bead (30mm) made of glass from Venice, Italy.  Other beads include Tibetan beads, faceted Black Agate beads of various shapes (from 18mm to 8mm) and Silver beads.  The 24″ necklace  closes with a special Sterling Silver box clasp.


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